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I design and code all my websites from scratch. No plug-ins or templates here, and I ensure that your site looks great on all the screen sizes.

Here are some sites I’ve worked on over the years.

*click click click bloop bloop click*

Fairy Tale Travel

The happiest site on Earth? You decide. My friend’s travel business was growing, and she needed a more professional website to help drive business.

The video header captures some of the Disney fun, the serif headers are a nice departure from the typical clean sans-serifs that dominate the web.

Mobile vs Desktop views

Scroll to see the whole thing!

Clean code is your friend

I take great care in making sure the sites I make look great on any size screen. I keep my code tidy because I care <3

Android Summit

Capital One hosts an annual Android Summit for developers and designers to learn and share with the community. And they wanted me to make a website for the event.

Given Material Design's heavy focus on animation and clean design, I knew this one would need a fun introduction. So I animated their logo to let it steal the show.

The Summit had three simultaneous tracks, which gets harder and harder to convey as screen space gets smaller.

I came up with this clever way of showing the schedule nicely on all screen sizes.

Tëaze: 100% Hair Metal
Pour some sugar on this

An over-the-top website for an over-the-top band. I had plenty of visuals to work with here, and our drummer is a surprisingly great copywriter, so this site was a breeze.

I regularly receive compliments on the witty bios and slick design from this site. Check it out: it’s nothin’ but a good time ;)

Credit Adjustment Board

A straightforward one-pager for a professional collection agency.

Credit Adjustment Board is all about honesty and integrity, so I chose trustworthy blue hues and a classic serif to set the mood. Bright cyan accents call out key calls to action and section separators for an easy-to-scan long-scroller.

The “shy” sticky header gets out of the way when you’re scrolling down the page, but shows back up when you scroll up. So it’s never too far away.

More sites coming soon!